Building Regulation to 3rd Party Planning Drawings

Building Regulation to our Planning Drawings

SKU: Building_Regulation_to_our_Planning_Drawings

Building Regulations to our drawings for your two-storey extension based on your own measurements and photographs.

We will convert your survey to a set of existing floor plans and elevations and also provide a set of proposed plans and elevations. This service will usually take 5 working days subject to the compexity of the project and assumes an average sized property.

The set will include:

  • A full set of “as existing” floor plans and elevations in PDF format
  • A full set of “as proposed” floor plans and elevations in PDF format
  • Location and Block plans upto 4 Hectares in PDF format (larger sizes subject to surcharge)

If required we can provide hard copies of your plans in either A1 or A3 format, we can also submit your drawings to the council on your behalf if you can provide us the details of your planning application.

For advice on how to measure your own property follow our guide.

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